Free Shipping on orders $50 and up
1. How do the custom DTF orders work?
Please email us at with your design in PNG format, along with the size dimensions and number of DTF pieces you need. Please make sure that all colors on the file are exactly the colors you'd like for the DTF to be in. It takes 2-3 business days for the DTF transfers to be ready for pickup from the store.

2. How do the custom rhinestone orders work?
We do all rhinestone custom orders in the store and work with you during each step of the process to ensure satisfaction with your order. Please email us at with your design in PNG format, size dimensions, and rhinestone colors you'd like for us to use, and we can get back to you with more information on price and the process.

3. How fast is shipping?
We offer same-day shipping once you put in your order online.

4. Can I be tax exempt if I have a business?
Make sure you have a sales and tax certificate if you'd like to be tax exempt. We must see this certificate, along with your ID, and you must also fill out the ST-5 form in the store to be considered a tax-exempt customer.

5. Do you heat press in the store for customers?
We do bulk heat pressing, so if you have more than 12 pieces of garment, we can heat press it for you in the store.

6. What quality are your rhinestones?
We are the Southeast distributor for Crystax rhinestones. These rhinestones are only glass and crystal, never plastic or acrylic. Therefore, the depth, shine, and durability of the rhinestones are of the best quality for our customers. The rhinestones we sell are all hotfix.