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Select the Gang Sheet Auto Builder option for the builder to organize your PNGs automatically. To add multiple sizes, reupload your image, assign the specific size, and proceed. 

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      What's DTF Transfer?

      DTF stands for direct to film. It’s a revolutionary technology to print designs directly onto a PET film, similar to a home or office paper printer. This film is then applied to the material in a heat press, causing the ink to bond directly onto the apparel.

      For the small and medium-sized production runs, DTF transfers are a cost-effective choice as they don't require the same level of setup as other printing methods. If you want to learn more about DTF printing, make sure to read about it in our Blog.

      How to Order?

      • Upload your design using our Gang Sheet Builder options.
      • Make sure the artwork dimensions are exact. We will not resize your artwork.
      • Please do not submit mirrorred images. Our machine software will take care of this automatically.  
      • Make sure the artwork dimensions are exact. We will not resize your artwork.
      • 300 DPI resolution is highly recommended for the best quality. 
      • Images should be in PNG file format which has a transparent background. DTF printers use white ink so white backgrounds will be printed, if present. 
      • Trademarked images (NFL, Disney, fashion brands, etc), Screenshots, and watermarked images will NOT be accepted. (Orders submitted with these items WILL NOT be printed and any refunds requested will only be issued in the form of STORE CREDIT ONLY.)

      After Your Order

      • Your design will be printed in-house. We use the same quality printer for all custom and ready to press designs that can be found in the store. So, the high quality you see at the store will be the same for your custom order. 
      • All of our DTF products are typically produced and shipped from our facility in 2 business days.  
      • In case your order includes not only DTF transfers but other products, all items will be shipped together
      • If you are in need of rush printing services, let us know through email at corporate@axilandsoutheast.com.

      Pressing Instructions

       No weeding or masking is required and DTF transfers can be applied to cotton, cotton/poly blends, and even 100% polyester. (Nylons are not recommended due to the smooth texture. The adhesive needs to be able to bind to the fibers of the garment.)

      To ensure your DTF transfer looks professionally pressed every time, follow these five simple steps.

      1. No Need To Pre-Press Or Pre-Iron: Removing moisture is unnecessary. Only do a prepress if you so desire.
      2. Position Your Design: Take your time to line up your transfer in the desired location on your item. Normally, there is no need to use heat-resistant tape on flat heat presses to keep your design in place, however it is highly recommended when pressing transfers onto hats or when using an iron to keep the transfer in place. You’ll get a feel for when this is needed. 
      3. Press: Press your transfer with medium pressure at 310°F / 155°C for 15 seconds. However, too much heat can damage your garment, so test first and use teflon sheet or a protective guard sheet to protect your garment from a direct iron.
      4. Let It Cool. Then Peel It: After pressing, let your transfer rest until it is cool to the touch (minimum of 15-30 seconds). Once cool, lift the transfer from one corner and gently peel back. This ensures every piece of your design is adhering to your item. 
      5. Final Press & Wash Instructions: Place the teflon sheet included or a single layer of t-shirt material over the design and press again for 15 seconds to soften the design, increase durability, and remove shine. If you want a shiny finish, cover with a protective guard sheet for the final press. When washing, flip shirt inside out, wash on cold and dry using low heat or hang.