Star shape Rhinestone 5x5mm NON Hot-fix Mini Bag

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Introducing our Star Shape Rhinestone 5x5mm NON Hot-fix Mini Bag – a collection of celestial charm designed to elevate your creative projects with a touch of celestial elegance. With 20 meticulously crafted star-shaped rhinestones per bag, each measuring 5x5mm, this mini bag offers endless possibilities for adding a hint of sparkle to your crafts.

Star Shape 5x5mm Non Hot-Fix

Product Features:
- Rhinestone Shape: Star
- Rhinestone Dimensions: 5x5mm
- Quantity: 20 rhinestones per mini bag
- Backing: Non Hot-fix, perfect for attaching with craft glue or adhesive
- Precision Craftsmanship: Each rhinestone is expertly cut for consistent brilliance and allure
- Color: Mini bag features the color code 2561 (specific color details can be provided)
- Versatile Applications: Ideal for jewelry making, garment embellishment, accessories, and more

Ignite Your Imagination:
The Star Shape Rhinestone 5x5mm NON Hot-fix Mini Bag 2561 empowers your creative expression:
- Jewelry Delight: Elevate your jewelry designs with these star-shaped rhinestones. Craft unique patterns, accents, or focal points that radiate celestial beauty.
- Fashion Brilliance: Transform your clothing and accessories into enchanting statements. Embellish your designs with star rhinestones for a touch of elegant sparkle.
- Crafting Excellence: Infuse your DIY projects with a touch of magic. Elevate crafts, decor, and more with the shimmer of star rhinestones.
- Expressive Accents: Perfect for special occasions, events, and everyday self-expression, these rhinestones add a touch of celestial allure.

Effortless Application:
Creating with the Star Shape Rhinestone 5x5mm NON Hot-fix Mini Bag 2561 is seamless:
1. Choose the star rhinestones that resonate with your creative vision.
2. Apply a small amount of craft glue or adhesive to the back of each rhinestone.
3. Carefully place the rhinestone onto your project surface.
4. Gently press to secure the rhinestone in place.
5. Watch your creation come to life with sparkling radiance!

Elevate your creative journey with the Star Shape Rhinestone 5x5mm NON Hot-fix Mini Bag 2561. Whether you're a jewelry artisan, a fashion-forward creator, or a crafting aficionado, these star-shaped rhinestones are your means to infusing celestial elegance into every masterpiece. Ignite your imagination and embrace the captivating allure of these sparkling gems.