2553 Flame-Shaped Rhinestone 4x8mm NON Hot-fix Mini Bag

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Introducing our Flame Shape 4x8mm Rhinestone NON Hot-fix Mini Bag – a collection of edgy charm designed to elevate your creative projects with a touch of unconventional style. With 20 meticulously crafted flame-shaped rhinestones per bag, each featuring the distinctive design of a flame, this mini bag offers endless possibilities for adding a hint of uniqueness to your crafts.

Flame Shape 4x8mm Non Hot-Fix

Product Features:
- Rhinestone Shape: Flame 4x8mm
- Quantity: 20 flame-shaped rhinestones per mini bag
- Backing: Non Hot-fix, perfect for attaching with craft glue or adhesive
- Precision Craftsmanship: Each rhinestone is expertly cut to showcase the flame design
- Versatile Applications: Ideal for jewelry making, garment embellishment, accessories, and more

Ignite Your Imagination:
The Flame Shape Rhinestone NON Hot-fix Mini Bag empowers your creative expression:
- Alternative Elegance: Elevate your jewelry designs with these flame-shaped rhinestones. Craft unique patterns, accents, or focal points that exude an edgy and unconventional charm.
- Fashion with an Edge: Transform your clothing and accessories into statements of boldness. Embellish your designs with flame rhinestones for a touch of unconventional style.
- Crafting Uniqueness: Infuse your DIY projects with a touch of rebellion. Elevate crafts, decor, and more with the striking allure of flame rhinestones.
- Expressive Statements: Perfect for special occasions, events, and everyday self-expression, these rhinestones add a touch of distinctive character.