How to Press Rhinestone Transfers on Apparel: A Step-by-Step Guide

Black Panther Rhinestone Transfer

Overview of Rhinestone Transfers:

Rhinestone transfers have become a go-to choice for adding a touch of glamour to apparel. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of pressing rhinestone transfers onto different types of apparel, ensuring a secure and visually appealing design. Discover the art of rhinestone application with Crystax-based ready-to-press rhinestone transfers. 

Rhinestone transfers are a popular means of customizing apparel, providing a dazzling finish that catches the eye. At Axiland Southeast, we offer Crystax rhinestones known for their quality, making them the perfect choice for your crafting projects. These rhinestones are glass and crystal-based, never plastic or acrylic. 

Selecting and Preparing the Rhinestone Transfer:
Whether you're choosing from our in-store options or placing a custom order, the process begins with selecting the perfect rhinestone transfer. Hot-fix rhinestones make the application a breeze, as they adhere to garments with heat, ensuring a secure fit for your design.


Application Process:

Before diving into the application process, consider the type of material suitable for heat-pressing rhinestone transfers. After you select your apparel, you can go ahead and choose your rhinestone transfer. 

  1. Secure the Transfer with Thermal Tape:

   - Use thermal tape to secure and stabilize the design on the garment, preventing any unwanted movement during the pressing process.

  1. Heat Pressing Technique:

For optimal results, ensure your heat press machine exerts equal pressure and heat. If needed, make adjustments to achieve the perfect balance for a successful rhinestone application.

   - Set your heat press to the recommended temperature of 330 degrees Fahrenheit. Apply medium pressure and cover the design with a Teflon sheet. Press for 30 seconds, allowing the heat to activate the adhesive properties of the rhinestones.

   - After the initial press, let the design cool before gently peeling off the transfer sheet. For added security, press the design again for 5-7 seconds with the Teflon sheet to ensure each stone is firmly in place.

  1. Post-Press Recommendations:

   - When washing your bedazzled outfit, wash with a delicate setting with the garment turned inside out, then tumble dry on low heat. If you have attached rhinestone hoodie strings, remove before washing. You can reinsert easily after the garment has been washed.


 Wrap Up:

Congratulations! You've successfully mastered the art of pressing rhinestone transfers onto your favorite apparel. With Crystax rhinestones from Axiland Southeast, your crafting projects are sure to shine bright. Explore our collection today and bring your creative visions to life.

Whether you're envisioning ready-to-press designs or want to bring your custom creations to life, Axiland Southeast is your gateway to elevated fashion.

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